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ShockWave is the revolution that’s sweeping the nation right now.

It’s bringing excitement back to the greatest industry in the World, whilst promoting customer loyalty and High Street Sales.

Click the link to discover which stores near you are on board this month. No stores near you? Help us grow and mention us to your local store. Use your name, because if a new retailer signs up because of your recommendation, we’re very good at saying thanks!


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Vape of Good Hope, Christchurch

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Ladybird Vapours, Mold

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Current Wave

Home Made Desserts


Introducing, Home Made Desserts.


5 expertly crafted original flavours that are just bursting with quality, flavour and nostalgia.

As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, sit back and relax with a huge ‘bowl full’ of your most desired guilty pleasures.


How does it work?

Every calendar month, ShockWave puts a new and exciting range of liquids in each of it’s supporting stores.

The brands spend months in development and are all made in our state of the Art ISO 7 clean-room. Each supporting store only receives a limited stock and sales go live on the last Friday of each month, so make sure you get to your local ShockWave supporter before the stock is gone. In some stockists, stock has been exhausted in as little as 2 days. We don’t want you to miss out!

What are the flavours?

Any new range that carries the ShockWave seal of approval is guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing.

However, unfortunately, none of the flavours are revealed until the day the new Wave goes live. If you want to know what’s available, get to your local supporting store. Even range is brand new and you wouldn’t have tried the flavours before.

What if my local store has run out?

Then unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait until the next Wave.

Don’t worry too much though, once the new Wave begins, our supporting stores can restock any previous ranges at their leisure. So even if you’re not buying right now, get to your local store and try the newest Wave, because you might want it later on down the line.​

Can I buy online?

ShockWave is all about promoting High Street loyalty.

You can buy ShockWave products online, but only from official stockists. If they don’t have a shop, they can’t support ShockWave.

How much does it cost?

The prices aren’t set, we can’t do that.

It’s illegal in the UK to set retail prices but we can recommend them. More often than not, our stockists will charge the same amount they currently charge for similar sized bottles.

Where can I follow ShockWave for the latest news and updates?


We post regular content advertising the current Wave of flavours and sometimes we even offer sneak previews of what’s to come. Don’t forget to follow us to stay in the know! @vapeshockwave

When does the next Wave go live?

Check the countdown at the top of this page.

All new Waves go live at 8am on the last Friday of the month…We know, just in time for payday.

Where can I buy ShockWave products?

At any of our official Stockists.

Our reach is growing from month to month. Use the map above to find your nearest stockist. If your local Vape store isn’t on there, speak to them and find out why.

My local store won't get on board, what can I do?

Tell us.

Tell us who they are and we’ll contact them. Our aim is to offer ShockWave in every store in the country by the end of 2021.

I love the idea but I only use Salts. Can you offer me a similar service?

Yes. Very soon.

You’ll have to follow us on Instagram to hear about the evolution of ShockWave first!

What came first, us or Liam Gallagher's new album?

Us by about 3 days.

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